Directly into my visual cortex

I am growing increasingly fascinated with the speed of development and potential of alternative visual devices. I remember fondly when my parents got me a set of Vuzix TV glasses for Christmas one… Continue reading

2013 in review

So thats 2013 done and dusted. The year the smartwatch came (again), an explosion in wearable tech spearheaded by Glass, Gear and the Fuelband SE yet still surprisingly no mass use or abuse… Continue reading

Google buys another robotics firm

Quick update – Google purchase new Robotics firm that produces military robots amongst other things –


A robot just landed on the moon. This is interesting because its been many years since the last one and as you would expect the new Robot has lots of interesting technology onboard… Continue reading


The tensions between man and machine have been exposed this week with a series of interesting developments in the field of robotics and automation. Of course it’s nothing new, there was outcry when… Continue reading