Back to the Future – a retrospective on future trends

Yesterday I stumbled across an old presentation I had knocked together in 2008 looking at the potential longer term future for the OOH industry (rather than the year ahead).

It was (at least for me) a fascinating step back in time – thinking about where it came from and the environment back then and the impact that has on ones thinking. I think it would be a healthy exercise for all those who make predictions and trend reports to look back once in a while and reflect on how things actually turned out, what did they get right, what were the curveballs no one was expecting etc.

I am not normally one for self congratulation or promotion but if I do say so myself on this occassion, with the exception of micro-projectors, almost all all of these predictions have come to pass or are on the near horizon (perhaps I was playing it too safe?).

Slideshare link to the presentation is below and if you want to know what I think is coming in the next 30 years then head here OOH in 2050.