Back to the Future – a retrospective on future trends

Yesterday I stumbled across an old presentation I had knocked together in 2008 looking at the potential longer term future for the OOH industry (rather than the year ahead). It was (at least… Continue reading

A little less conversation a little more action

Anyone who reads my musings will know I’m fascinated and optimistic about the potential that the singularity will bring to ourĀ planet. Every day I get a little bit more excited about the ‘post… Continue reading

Ad blocking

Ad blocking. At times I can be quite binary and in the case of ad blocking this is definitely the case. The way I see it IMHO there are only really two voices… Continue reading

Too much choice (too much content)

A week ago whilst hypothesizing about what may or may not happen in 2016 in my very narrow area of interest I promised to be more frequent in my writing so I am… Continue reading

New Year New Dawn – predictions for 2016

Happy 2016 internet. My new years resolution is “to be more beta” I promise to be more frequent in my updates and opinions for those who listenĀ and rather than striving for perfection I… Continue reading